What Size Prints Are In Wedding Albums | Every Question We’ve Ever Been Asked #12

This is the twelfth in a biweekly series running Tuesdays and Thursdays, where we’ll be answering every single question we’ve ever been asked about weddings and wedding photography. Check out our SCHEDULE OF POSTS, and if you find your question isn’t listed, ASK US ONE ANONYMOUSLY and we’ll get to it as soon as we can!

It’s a question we still get asked, as people have an idea of what a wedding album is like in their head but they may not have seen what modern wedding albums really are all about.

Forget what you think you know! We no longer print little 4×6 prints to stick into an album, instead we print directly on the page using archival quality prints. Our albums are built to last and so are the pages, with ink that won’t fade for 100-years.

We design all our albums in-house — it’s something we’ll never outsource. No one else understands what was important on your wedding day like the photographers that were there experiencing it with you.

Our designs are clean, crisp, and modern. No cheesiness. No fluff. We don’t want an album that’ll end up looking dated before it’s fit to print, but one that’ll last the test of time.

Platinum 12x12 Leatherette Album

Typically we will print anywhere from 1 to 4 images per page, the goal is to never have it look busy. Some images will take up TWO pages — which comes out to anywhere from a 20×10 to 36×14 sized print. If those numbers mean nothing to you — don’t worry, because they don’t mean very much to me either.

Come sit with us for a quick consultation and we’ll show you our albums, and then you’ll understand why I’ll never shoot a wedding without one.


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