What is the difference between the different wedding albums? | Every Question We’ve Ever Been Asked #11

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All our packages come with an album. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it over and over again. You need a wedding album. Remember floppy drives? Remember DVDs?

Every single package we offer includes a wedding album. I won’t budge on that. I’ll lose a potential booking before providing an incomplete service.

We’ve done our best to source a variety of albums for every package and budget.

Black Label

Our top-range album is the beautiful imported Italian album. This is the no-compromises album. It will be the centerpiece of any visit to your home after the wedding. Pictures simply don’t do it justice. This is a LARGE album.

Black Label Italial Leather Album

You’ve probably never seen an album like this before. It’s large size makes it perfect for those wide dramatic landscape images I love to shoot. Every page really looks like a work of art.

Made in Italy with the finest leathers, it’s really something to be seen. A massive 18×14 inches per page, it spreads out beautiful over a table. It comes in a gorgeous leather box, with the album nestled beautifully in it. Opened up, it’s 36 x 14 inches. A full 3 feet for your gorgeous photos.

Platinum Album

Platinum 12x12 Leatherette Album

Our mid-range album is our classic leatherette option. A gorgeous 12×12 album, with hard pages, no gutter, handmade right here in Toronto. A fine family heirloom with gorgeous, deep colours and binding that’s meant to last. It’s our most popular option, and rightly so. It’s a weighty album, not flimsy by any stretch of the imagination.

As always, images are printed on archival quality paper. It’s meant to last, with no yellowing or fading. You have plenty of options with this album as well, your choice of leatherettes or linen covers, as well as a custom text embossed on the front in gold or silver.

Gold Album

Our entry level album is a linen-covered coffee table book, printed on archival quality paper with a silky smooth finish. These albums are hard-covered, but the pages are soft. There is a small gutter, and they are about 10×10, the smallest of the albums we offer. Still, they are albums that we stand behind for life.

Our forever-guarantee applies to all 3 of the albums. We promise they will not fail, or we will get you another copy.



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