Paladino | Toronto Wedding Photographer

Simona + Lui
Date: May 17 2015
ceremony + reception: The Liberty Grand
Toronto wedding photographer: Pedram Navid Photography

On paper I should have been in bed, but I couldn’t help myself coming home from the high of a wedding with so much emotion and love. It’s weddings like this that remind me why I decided to become a wedding photographer. 12 hours between travel and shooting, but coming home the thought of sleep didn’t even enter my head. Instead all I could do was think of their grandmother holding me by my arm, less than an hour after I had met her, holding back tears, letting me know that Simona is her granddaughter. There’s only one word to describe the word on her face: pride. All before her, her children, her grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. Over and over all she could do was tell me how much love she had for her family but she couldv’e spoken to me in Italian and I still would’ve known exactly what she was saying.

That was the backdrop to this wedding. A gentle reminder of why I do what I do. If I only shoot weddings with this much love in them I will never grow tired.


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