Lookout Point Country Club Wedding Photos | Jennifer & Brandon

Jennifer  & Brandon
Date: June 25, 2016
venue: Lookout Point Country Club
Toronto wedding photographer: Pedram Navid Photography

Oh man we had an amazing time at this wedding. It was late last-year that I first met Jennifer & Brandon to do their engagement photos at a vineyard near St. Catharines, and I still remember hearing the occasional gunshot which turned out just to be a sound to scare away the crows (and probably the city folk too). Fast forward to June, and we’re at their wedding and it’s one of those weddings where everything clicks together really nicely. For me, it’s always been the groomsmen that make the wedding. If they’re into it — it seems everything else flows through, and these guys were into it. Everything from fake proposals, to good humour, they had it all. A really nicely done venue doesn’t hurt either. Country clubs can be really hit or miss sometimes, but Lookout Point did a fabulous job. You could really tell their attention to details, everything from lights to service really made things come together.

Been a blast, thank you guys from having us.

Pedram  + Nicki.


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