Leier | Guelph, Ontario Wedding Photography

Katie + Josh
Date: Aug 22 2015
ceremony, creatives, reception: Springfield Golf & Country Club, Guelph
Toronto wedding photographer: Pedram Navid Photography

Katie & Josh’s wedding was all about the little details. The venue was absolutely gorgeous, with hints of purple throughout. During the ceremony, there was even a violinist which was a really nice touch. It was a really touching ceremony too, and the reception was wonderful. Normally we get pretty awkward sitting at a table with other guests, but we clearly got to sit with all the troublemakers which was perfect for us. We couldn’t have asked for better weather either, with the hot August sun being broken up by the occasional cloud. But most of all, what really stood out for me, was the golf cart ride.


Now this was my first time riding in a golf car, and Nicki as well. Maybe I was having a little too much fun, but her screams as I climbed hills and nearly tipped the thing over were well worth it. Sorry babe. :)


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