Jenna & Aaron | Barrie Country Club Wedding Photos

Jenna & Aaron
Date: October 10 2015
venue: Barrie Country Club
Toronto wedding photographer: Pedram Navid Photography

I met Jenna at the Farrugia family reunion. I had never seen so many people in one family before. Not too long after, Jenna asked if I would shoot her wedding and I’m so glad she did. This was an amazing one, and I got to see a lot of people that I consider family too, including Nicki’s dad, the infamous Roger Lajoie (official scorekeeper of The Toronto Blue Jays).

We spent the morning getting ready with Jenna and the kids. As usual, the kids hammed it up. From there we headed to the Barrie Country Club, a really nice venue on a perfectly sunny day. Back inside, her sisters put on a show I will never forget. Costumes, boas, light-up hair accessories with a song and dance made it very hard for whoever had the misfortune of having to follow that act up with a speech.

The dancing was something else too. Never seen a grandpa move like that before, but Ralph is no ordinary grandpa. He’s got more bounce in his step then people my age. And he sure knows how to twirl a lady. Enough talk, here’s a sampling of photos:


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