How much experience do you have? How long have you been in business?

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How long did it take me to get to where I am today? All of my life, of course.

I’ll tell you a little about where I started. You’d have to rewind back to when disposable cameras were more prevalent than satellite-driven phones. I was obsessed with disposables. I always felt like I had won a contest every time that roll of 24 gave me 27 shots. Once digital cameras came around, I was all over it. I would take photos of anything and everything to the point where I become the photographer among my friends.

Anytime we’d go out, they’d ask me to bring my camera. It was heavy, clunky, slow and ugly. But that was half the fun. Friends would say how happy they were when I came along because they never had to worry about taking pictures. This was before camera phones could take a photo worth looking at, of course.


I started off with concerts, events, shooting whatever my life was like when I was around. It was all about capturing the mood and feel of where I was. Long exposure shots with surprised and drunken faces, dreamy pastels and sunny beaches, or just a couple friends hanging out in graffiti alley along Queen.

Soon I moved on to pet photography, something I still do today. Photos of my cats, until I graduated to dogs, with Pearl and Zoe being two of my favourite models so far.

Zoe (left) and Pearl (right)

From there, I moved on to weddings. I studied the works of the people I admired, read books, learned through workshops, second-shot for a while, before finally getting the courage to shoot some of my own. It started with a friend who trusted me enough to let me shoot her wedding, and from there — well the rest is history.


So when someone asks how much experience I have, it’s with sincerity that I saw I’ve been spent all of my life has been experience. Every new wedding is also a new learning opportunity — anyone that says they’re done learning is a fool or a liar.

Now I’ve been shooting as a professional since 2013. I started small with only a few weddings a year, expanding to where I am today where summers have become a write-off, and I love every second of it.

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